June 27, 2007

Something Fishy Happening With YM...

It is a fact of life, those of us who sit in front of the PC or laptop everyday will use some form of Instant Messaging (IM) Software... and of course Google... Internet.

It is also another fact of life that when you spend a lot of time sitting in front of the PC or laptop, we will become dependent on the Software.... and Internet.

It is also another known fact that people who use IM will prefer to use that to speak to another colleague who is just seated less than 5 feet away... Go figure.

So, when one popular IM goes down, it causes a slight ruckus amongst us....

OOIII!! YAHOO MATI LIAO!! MATI GAO GAO!!! -----> Me make announcement... :P

However, it is also a known fact that those of us who sit in front of the PC or laptop everyday will often rely on more than one form of IM account.

My taskbar is just full of different IMs and I'm not fond of using those 3-in-one or many-in-one IM software as the interface is often confusing and I don't get the full features as I would get with using the normal IM provided by those big companies. (^^)

Oh well, come after lunch, we all had some funny problem with Yahoo! We can't explain why.

We're finding it difficult to login and when we do, after chatting for a while, we get disconnected for no reason.

Lucky for those of us kia-su and kia-si folks who have more than one IM a/c. We just continued chatting elsewhere using another competitor's IM software...

Friend #1: Eh... Can you connect to Yahoo?
Me: Can... Wait.. dc liao. (dc = disconnected)


Me: Bla bla bla... bla bla.... (on YM)

** waited for 10 minutes **

** colleague walked over. **

Me: Eh! Didn't you get my message?
Colleague: Huh??
Me: Aiyaaa... YM died...


Friend #1 (thru MSN): Can't connect to YM still. :(
Me: Yala. I think some tmNut must have capped YM traffic by mistake...
Friend #1: Hahahhah

Shit. It's taking me freaking longer and longer to connect to YM. I keep seeing that smiley face and I feel like bashing it in because it's taking me so long to connect. I can go off to boil water, cook an egg, make tea, wash the dishes and come back and it is still not connect. WTF!!

If some TmNutz is reading this, please check to see that the port 5050 is not blocked and that traffic coming from cs*.yahoo.com is just for YM chat, ok???

BTW, doubt that the sys admin had anything to do with this as I still can't connect to the f**king YM from home. I did my tracert and etc but found that although there was latency in looking up the yahoo.com domain, it wasn't all that bad.

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