June 10, 2007

Photos In The Rain

I've been fooling around with my camera lately, a pretty antiquated Nikon Coolpix 5900.

So, I've been trying to learn some of the features of the camera as well as practice some basic photography skills of "composing your shot"... despite the rainy weather we're having in Malaysia.

So, when it was raining heavily this afternoon, I thought to myself, a great way to learn how to photograph rain. Boy, it isn't easy. For one, I don't have a weather-proof camera and so, getting water on my camera is a no-no. Another thing is, I didn't want to get wet and neither did I want to stand with an umbrella in the rain.

Finally, the skies opened up for just a bit for me to take a few shots. I still had to use an umbrella and my mother thought I was going nuts. Hehehe...

Anyway, I like this shot because the brown pole breaks up all the green of the bougainvillea plant set against the ivy-covered wall.

To show how heavy the rain was, I pointed my camera at the giant ceramic vessel we placed in the garden and got this shot...
I had to use a flash since there wasn't enough light. The photo was captured using ISO200.

The rain had pretty much stopped to a drizzle and so, I decided to have a close-up macro shot of the flower from our drumstick tree, planted next to our garden swing. I like the look of water droplets caught on the leaves and flowers. It makes the picture sooo refreshing.

This probably the best shot of the lot, showcasing my antiquated Nikon's ability to take a great macro shot. I had to take this shot with the umbrella over my head. You can see a hint of sunshine creeping through at the edge of the photo.

I still have a long way to go in my study of photography. (^ . ^)

For one thing, I have to look at things like how a camera looks like an item, be it landscape, potrait or objects.


  1. bobby7:53 pm

    i guess the last pix wit the water droplet is nice :D

  2. Hmm.. how about a photo rain drop... guess I want to try it out too...

  3. bobby - thanks! it was a bit difficult to focus with part of your arm around an umbrella...

    ipohchai - yeah! been trying to capture rain-drops but still haven't found a good shot yet. just have to keep looking! :)

  4. yes... that was a very good shot. got me into saying... 'wow'!

  5. thanks zewt!

    looks like what makes a good photographer is not just the tools but how the picture is taken too.

    so much more to learn.. :P


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