June 16, 2007

Monthly Gifts..

A conversation with some friends reminded me about something... which occurs monthly...

NOTE: The nature of this post may not be suitable for young kids. Though, puberty is a fact of life which you will go through one day. (Some never get out of it)

Friend 1: Can't make-la... Got my "aunty"...
Me: I see. Then, we'll postpone the dinner-la.

Friend 2: I'm feeling rather sh*tty today, got my "friend visit". Talk to me another time.

Friend 3: No wonder I had a craving for all things meaty... "AV" today...

Me: Sorry-la. My temper is a bit short today. Must be PMS
Friend: Yea-la! Suddenly kena marah for no reason. Must be-la...

Anyway, what I'm talking about is the monthly condition of having your menses. No... No... This is not the time we lose our "senses", but some guys keep saying it as "that time of month-la".

What irks my curiosity is, what do you call your monthly menses? Here's a list that I've compiled...

"Best Friend Come"

"Aunty Visit"

"3rd Aunty Visit"

"My Friend"

"Nehhhh... My monthly period... shhhhhhh" *spoken softly*


"Banjir" - Heavy Period

Anyway, call it what you want, some are relieved that it does come; some hate it like hell because of the pain they get (due to fibroids, etc); but it is something we females have to live with until menopause.

However, i hate it when guys use this against us.

Guy 1: You got your period esit???

Guy 2: Ok, I'll stay out of your way. Looks like you are having PMS...

ARRRGGGHHH... Sometimes, people can get a bit grumpy for no reason at all. Maybe its because they didn't have a good night's sleep or they are under some stress. Maybe they had a bad morning caused by terrible traffic or by other idiotic colleague. *Sigh*...

Anyway, there is a funny side to this. One friend's boyfriend used to joke that whenever she had her period, another chance for a baby is lost. Which is true... cause the coming of the menses signals that the lining in the womb is destroyed. However, it is just 'cute' the way he said it. (^ ^)

Whatever it is, this "monthly gift" is our female species special gift because the female species (not counting asexual reproduction) of most animals are able to bear offspring. So, even if you feel nauseous, bitchy, sh*tty, lousy... embrace the fact that this is our "monthly gift".

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