June 01, 2007

Scam!! Scam!!

Did you get this recently??

That someone called you and there's a recorded message telling you that you've missed a hearing at the Malaysian High Court?

It's a SCAM. The news was finally published here.

My Dad picked up one of these calls a couple of days back. He looked very grave as he listened attentively to the phone. When I drew nearer to him, he said, "Listen" and then laughed. He turned to me and said, "I think its a prank call".

I agreed with him. If you had to turn up at a Malaysian High Court for something, you'll first receive an official letter - Surat Rasmi (in BM), not some phone call.

Anyway, we speculated that this "architect firm" - which uses our house phone number (by accident) probably got into trouble or something. Yes, we still get the odd phone enquiry from some law firm or developer about "TK Architect" from time to time.... (@___@) Each time we have to insist - This is a house of residence, not an office!!

A couple of days later, my Dad received an e-mail from his friend regarding this scam involving some recording played on the phone about you missing a court hearing or something. They would ask for your details and etc. I'd guess naturally, if something urgent and important like this were to happen, you would first want to meet up at the balai polis (police station) or something.

Oh boy... For a moment there, I thought the burst pipe at the courthouse at Jln Duta had caused so much havoc that the courts were calling up the wrong people for the wrong thing. ;)

So, if something like this were to occur, just be on your guard.

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