June 20, 2007

Happy Belated "Bak Chang" Festival

*Phew*.. I just got back from my Bangkok business trip and am still very tired from it.

Anyway, it was a very very short trip and I didn't managed to upload my "bak chang" wishes...

Yummy... Yummy... What is under the wrapping is more important...

I'm not sure about the origins of how this festival came about, but all I know that we have lovely "bak chang" or 粽子 which literally translate to "meat rice dumpling". Anyway, it is normally eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival as stated by... you guessed it.. Wikipedia. ;)

My aunt happened to make the Nyonya version of the rice dumpling, which is basically a rice dumpling filled with sweet and spicy minced meat. As I recall, it is made with adding the Chinese 5-spice. The minced meat is cooked first before being packed into the glutinous rice prior to being "steamed" or "boiled" in hot water.

My late grandmother used to make very lovely bak chang which consisted of fatty pork. We always look forward to the fatty pork bits.. *slurp*... Just thinking about it makes my cholesterol level shoot up a few points! (^ ^)

Unwrapped in all its glory.... *SSLLUURRRP*

Anyway, thanks to Aunty Mag for making this lovely batch of "chang" for us to "chang" our stomachs with.

Meanwhile, happy "chang-ing"... Kekekee...

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