June 08, 2007

Angie Goes Shopping... Seriously!!!

Guys do it.

Girls do it.

Kids do it.

Your father's 2nd cousin's 2nd aunt also do it.

Heck, even my dog does it.

OIIII!!!!!....... Don't think dirty here... OK??? My blog does not have PG-13 stamped all over it. I think it is rated U-for everyone to read. Kekekeke... (^^)

I decided to take a break. It was time for me to indulge in something I have not done in a long while..................

S H O P P I N G !!!!!!!!

Today, I have shopped like I have never shopped before.

I would have done EV proud.

My loot - ARRRhhhhh...

As you might have known, I am unlike most Malaysians. If you ask any Malaysian what they did to relax most of them would say, "Shopping-lor..."

Malaysians love malls and shopping. If Olympics were ever to be hosted in Malaysia (I don't think I'll be able to see this in my lifetime.. not as yet), I think we might list shopping as a sport. We may not have the largest malls in the world but we do have a lot of malls. More malls than libraries. That's shocking.

Anyway, whenever EV hits KL, she will drag me to go shopping, because I have the "kaki" (legs, a.k.a car) to take her around. She does not want to drag another friend to go along because the other friend is too scary of a shopaholic for her. Imagine this...

Me: Waaaahhhh!! What happened to you?? Look so "chan" (haggard) one???
CPP: Yeah... Very tired. Lots of work. Just got back from Bangkok after 1 week there.

Me: Wahhhh... What did you do? Wrestle with the elephants there?
CPP: No-la... Just went shopping. Actually, it was a company trip.

Me: Serious??? 1 week?? Your company trip is to go shopping in Bangkok??

CPP: No-la! The company trip lasted the weekend. They did the tourist thing, a few of us did the shopping thing.

Me: What you mean??

CPP: When the rest of the group went out to see all the tourist stuff, my colleagues and I went shopping around Bangkok.

Me: Oohhhh... Wahh.. You extended your stay... Wasn't it expensive??

CPP: Not really. We switched hotels to a less classy one. After all, our objective was to shop until closing time and then balik to the room to tidur only. No time to eat also, just grab some bun and water and keep walking. No time to pee/poo as well because that would waste time.

Me: ** Jaws wide open **........ Then, how about transporting the thing back?

CPP: My Gawwdd!! Don't remind me. I had to get those big, huge plastic bags, you know, with the stripes and all to pack all my barang back.

Me: (o_______0) Is shopping in Bangkok really
thaattt cheap??

CPP: My Gawwdd!!! It is!! It is!!! I think I shall do it again, next year!!

Me: **pengsan**

I know I can't keep up with this woman. She is probably EV's sifu. I remember from my Uni days that they did hook up once to go shopping at Richmond (a suburb near the Melbourne city centre, Australia). EV came back and said that she was "keng" (expert, excellent in Cantonese).

However, I do have this thing about gadgets and etc. Only a true "Nerd God" will be excited about PC Fair (held twice a year). Yeap, I do make a countdown clock to PC Fair every year. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a gadget phreak. EV makes a lot of noise about me spending unnecessarily on gadgets when it could be better spent on clothes, shoes and other human-beautifying products.

Anyway, for you shopaholics out there, I heard that come 16th June 2007, the sale would begin again. (By the way, the website is not functioning just yet...)

God help me should EV come down that time... (o______0)

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