July 14, 2008

Feed The Fishes....

Last Friday happened to be the last day for my colleague and we decided to have a good round of makan and fun before she starts off with her new job.

However, everyone happened to be bored with the usual fare and so, she suggested that we try out the Kenko Fish Spa at Pavillion after dinner that night.

Now, my friend Deborah has gone to the Fish Spa before at Midvalley and she thoroughly enjoyed herself there, although it was a bit ticklish.

So, after we fed ourselves really well at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, we decided to feed the fishes... our feet's dead skin cells!!!!

The plaque is multi-lingual so that visitors from foreign lands who do not understand English may drop by the spa... Funny that Mandarin is not on the plaque but they have Arabic, Japanese and Korean.... ????

Here we all are... Victims err Customers waiting for our turn to go up to area where all the fish were waiting eagerly for our feet... (Why does the theme song of Jaws keep playing in my head???)

I nearly did not get a chance to try out the actions of Dr. Fish as I didn't feel like going for it since I've promised EV that we'll both try together. Of course, EV said a few times that she hesitated to go as she thinks that her feet stench might kill the fish first. (^_____^)

Not to worry! The spa has an area where you can clean you feet before and after your treatment. So, all of us took off our shoes and socks to have a good rinse before we soaked our feet in the pool.

This picture isn't very clear as my colleague and I were splashing around the pool to discourage the fish from "locking on" our feet. However, those efforts were futile as their sense of smell locked on to our feet like homing missiles!!

How did it feel? It was certainly ticklish. Very.. in fact. I kept laughing and giggling throughout my session. I nearly got my head bashed in when I lifted my feet off the water and my colleagues beside me kept yelling "Put your feet down!!!!!"

Every time I lifted my feet, the little fishes will quickly swim off to the nearest feet to feed. So much for the theory that fish do not feed at night...

Here's a pic of my colleague's feet as she fed the larger fish situated in the other pond of the spa. Since the fish were bigger, whenever it nibbled on the feet, it felt a little bit painful. I tried both sizes of fish and it certainly felt better in the pond where the fish were smaller.

As you can see, the deco around the pond is very soothing. In fact, despite the ticklish nibbling, the experience was a very relaxing one.

In the end, my feet did feel a lot smoother and surprisingly lighter! No idea why I felt that way but that was what this other colleague felt when he tried it out for the first time too!!

How much was it? We had a group discount since there were 12 of us, and so, each person forked out RM31 for 30 minutes each.

I can remember that one of my colleagues felt it was such a torture that she kept looking at the screen to see if her number was called. LOL!!!

So, will I try it again. YES! Just to watch EV squirm about .... HAHAHAHAHAHAA

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