July 18, 2008

Feels Good To Be Back At The Gym...

I've been sick for the last couple of weeks and that has wreaked havoc with my exercise routine...

So, on an advice of a new friend, she asked me to keep a journal of my exercise to keep me motivated with my weight loss and health program.

I joined the gym in July last year because my sis was getting married. So, I was quite excited when I started my sessions with my PT (Personal Trainer), who was pursuing her degree in Sports Science or Medicine at a local uni here. She was a state runner and was in peak condition. With her help, I managed to shed a few kilos and also discover that my right knee was problematic. :-P

All in all, I love the gym! I'm finding that I can do longer cardio sessions and am about to hit that golden number of 40 minutes of pure cardio.. :-P Of course, whenever I get the flu and my lungs get all so congested, I can't run on the cross trainer for more than 5 minutes........ (T.T) WHICH IS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME ON TUESDAY!!!!!

Besides that, I love the weight training sessions as it's a chance for me to turn my oodles of fat into muscles. Kekeke.. It's a slow process but I just love it whenever I can slowly increase the weight on the triceps push-down so that I can feel the burn with each repetition. There's a certain sense of accomplishment whenever you can complete a set with a new weights on the machines..( ~.^)

There's also an added advantage. While working on my core and back muscles, I found out that while losing the fat, I didn't experience so much pain with my back anymore!! Of course, you must do these exercises in moderation...

Contrary to what people say, we gals will NOT grow big muscles like guys do because we don't have a high amount of testosterone in our bodies. So, what we'll get is well-toned, lean bodies. Think Jessica Biel in Blade:Trinity... >:)

So, what keeps me going?

Besides the sado-maso tendencies of "torturing" myself but funnily though, the more I work out, the more relaxed, happier and addicted I get! I used to be a sports junkie back in Uni, playing basketball with my mates about 3 times a week. Although I never got to become as good as Sakuragi Hanamichi (Slam Dunk), I loved the game.

Of late, I've also started to compile gym music to keep me going too. The concept is pretty much a cheap version of the Nike+ where you can wirelessly connect your ipod to this device in your Nike+ running shoe to play music, keep track of running stats while you exercise, i.e. walk. I got very close to getting it... So, instead of having an ipod, I got a Sony MP3 player and it's got all my favourite workout songs.

On my gym music list, my favourite songs so far in my large list of songs...

  • 4 minutes - Madonna + Justin Timberlake
  • Fergalicious - Fergie
  • Stronger - Kanye West
  • Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk
  • Can't Stop - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Don't know why but whenever I hear any of these songs, I try to push myself to work harder... In time, this list WILL continue to grow.. :-)

As a closing thought, I was browsing through Nike's website and came across some cool training videos of some athletes training. Some of the exercises I've done before with my PT and it certainly breaks the mundane run-on-the-threadmill and lift-weights-until-muscles-sore routines. Have a look.. --> http://www.niketraining.com.my

Yes.. Maria Sharapova's training videos are there.... *roll eyes*


  1. Yea, exercising can be addictive!!

  2. When you work your back, you're actually making it stronger along with the other parts of the body. Since you're stressing on the back greatly, the other muscles in the body have to work in tandem to help maintain lest you fall down on your face.

    I should know, I had back problems but I'm 99% free of them. (Don't ask me where the 1% is cos I don't either!)

    And, yes, playing music whilst working out is said to stimulate the brain more as opposed to silence or hearing men grunt/groan/fart.

    Keep up the good work, Angie!

    Your colleague from the office,

  3. Hi sylvester, Chris..

    sylvester - Yeah... The good kind of addiction..

    Chris - Hahahha... Thanks for the moral support. Hope that you don't hear funny noises around the weight-lifting area as well! :P


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