October 15, 2009

Trip to Bukit Tinggi Part Trois (Three)

This is my last post about Bukit Tinggi... I think 3 posts is enough to talk about a single place, right?

Anyway, I've been gone for the past few days as I've just been swamped with work. I've been running around in between meetings and also picking up some work as a colleague has gone off for her break for about a week.

I just realized that my little camera has just about turned 1-year old. Hence, my journey into amateur photography has just reached its 1st year anniversary!

I've definitely learned quite a bit during my 1st year but I have a long way to go to perfect my craft. Being the perfectionist, this is going to be a tough journey. So, most of the time, you'll hear me curse and swear when a picture is just not taken correctly in-frame. I believe that the better that you know your camera, the less time you'll spend in front of the PC correcting the photos. ;-)


When evening came around, the courtyard was quiet and still. However, we found out that it's because everyone had swamped the restaurants for dinner. We went down for dinner quite late as we were exhausted after spending some time at the Japanese Village earlier.


We had to wait almost an hour for a table and by the time we wanted to order our food, the selection was quite limited.

The next morning, we had to queue up for a long time for the buffet breakfast. It was pretty good. I was happy to have my scrambled eggs and some beef bacon. (Of course, I would love pork bacon with my scrambled eggs)

After breakfast, we spent some time around the courtyard before we had to check-out and take the 12pm bus back to KL.


The courtyard was quite empty as it happened to be the last day of the Hari Raya public holidays. With the day trippers gone, it was pleasant to walk around the compound as we would not be bumping into anyone.


There were a few swans in the small ponds just near the car park. I was lucky to catch them during the morning feed and they approached us.


It's strange to see one of the black swans sleeping with one leg up...


Before we left, we had a quick stop at the French coffee cafe and I managed to take some pics of the lovely pastries there...


Although the pastries looked fantastic, I couldn't bring myself to spend RM5 for a danish...

The trip was pretty good and I was completely exhausted by the time I got home. I would have loved to have used a few filters as most of the pictures taken were during bright daylight which caused a lot of photos to be "white-washed" or a little over-exposed.

Be prepared to spend a little bit more when you're planning to spend the night at Bukit Tinggi. Also, do bring your supplies of water or snacks as there are no convenience stores open at the resort.


  1. Read all your 3 posts. Thanks for the info.

    How much did you pay for the hotel room? Were there any activities at night at the resort?

  2. Warr..the place there is really beautiful! :)

    Your shots are great angie. :D

    Today's top pick for me is the black swan. :)

  3. Hi Kheng Siong, Tekkaus,

    Khengsiong - The room was RM273. You can head to the online website --> http://www.berjayahills.com/ to book your room. ;-)

    Tekkaus - Thanks! The place is pretty nice but not as cooling as I thought it should be. Global warming, perhaps?

  4. Nice photos! I think one time is enough for me, unless they abolish the RM16 entrance : )

  5. Does tuning down the exposure help?

    The pastries look sedap leh.

  6. firstly, sorry for my late reply and visit....way too busy with work....

    nice pics....time for me to upgrade to dslr....digi got no bonus ler...how to buy

  7. wow..
    very nice pictures at bukit tinggi!
    i will go there one day! =D


  8. Hi foong, che-cheh, via, ken...

    foongpc - I think one time is good enough. If I want to see a French village in the future, it would be in France, i.e. the Bordeaux region... :P

    che-cheh - Yeah.. Should have tuned down the exposure but I think should have CPL filter handy-la.

    vialentino - Hehehe... DSLR photography is an expensive, fulfilling hobby... But am sure the Yellowman will give big fat bonus by end of the year-le...

    kenwooi.com - Thanks!! Long time I no see see your blog... Will visit soon!


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