October 01, 2009

You Need To Be More Sick To Get Well Faster...

Geez... This year has been pretty bad for me... Health-wise that is.

I've already fallen sick at least 3 times within the last 6 months!! And each time I got sick, I seem to be taking longer to recuperate. :-(

This time is no exception. I went to see the doctor twice to complain about the medication. Because of my throat infection, he prescribed some antibiotics which I dutifully complete the entire dosage long after my sore throat is gone.

However, this time round, I developed a "side-effect". I started to have diarrhea because of the antibiotics... So, I went back to see the doctor.

Doc: So, what's wrong?
Me: I feel much better, can breathe with less wheezing but I'm having diarrhea. Is it because of the medication?
Doc: Have you been eating out?
Me: No (*thinking* - I thought the doc told me to eat soft, non-oily foods the last time round... )
Doc: Then, it must be the antibiotics. 1 out of 3 people will develop this side-effect
Me: O_O

The doctor prescribed a round of medicine to stop my diarrhea. I still have to complete my antibiotics but will have to treat the side-effect in order to get well.

That's the funny bit about this time's bout with the bug. Am sure my immune system must have had a laugh.

However, on a more serious note, I did complain to the doctor about my breathing difficulties which caused me to feel like shit. He heard that I was wheezing and was afraid that I would start to develop asthma. Genetics may make me pre-disposed to asthma and allergies but I'd guess it had to be due to something else. The doctor also suspected stress which can bring this out. Regardless, I will need to see another doctor for a second opinion.

I have been feeling particularly stressed out and finding it hard to de-stress (i.e. gym) due to work/home issues. Just that when you see the doctor and he mentions a disease which can stick with you for life, or can be life-threatening at any moment; it is a wake-up call.

With the advancement of technology, we're expected to live longer than our parents/grandparents; but if stress is a major factor of daily life, I think many of us are just ticking time bombs where health issues explode out of stress. The sad part is, it's lifestyle-related.

Hmmmm... I need to sleep. Enough talk, I'm feeling breathless...


  1. How to de-stress... photography perhaps? or some dancing around.

    Get well soon.

  2. Hi Angie,

    Get well soon.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that Angie! Why don't you try to take supplement! :)

  4. Hi Che-Cheh, Lisan, Tekkaus,

    Thanks for your wishes...

    Che-Cheh - Mmmm. Yeah. Have to spend some time with photoshop to clean up some photos this weekend.

    Lisan - Thanks! You take care too...

    Tekkaus - Yeah, I always forget it but I think this time I will take it 'coz I'm making it a point to have breakfast at home before going to work.

  5. I think you need a long holiday! Maybe your stress at work is weakening your immune system. Build up your immune by having more rests and sleep and by eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables!

    Mostly, I try to avoid antibiotics. You know what antibiotics mean? The word antibiotics means "against life". Not a very good thing, eh? : )

  6. Too stressful?
    Take care always ya...


  7. hmmm....after moving to ibm-maxis account, u start to feel like that? better take care...understand the stress there...lots of people leaving too...

  8. Hi foong, keeyit, via,

    foongpc - True, I should avoid the antibiotics but I needed to get well fast to get back to work. I need to supplement my diet with rest too. Diet-wise, I eat a lot of vegies but then, don't have enough rest. :-(

    keeyit - Yeah, I need to destress...

    vialentino - wahhh.. I cannot say that. Perhaps this year is a bad year for me health-wise. I heard about a lot of people leaving too... :-(


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