September 24, 2009

50mm Fun @ Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe

Hope that everyone had a great break over the long weekend.

I still have loads of photos to process as I took a short trip up to Bukit Tinggi...

I had some 50mm fun some weeks back when I met up with EV to discuss about the Raya holiday break. I brought my camera and laptop to do our research.


My 50mm which is a prime lens has a very lovely "bokeh" despite having a f-stop of only f/1.8 but it was a steal at RM350 from Canon!


I've been to this cafe previously but never had the chance to try out the desserts. So, this time round, EV and I decided to have a late lunch together with some cakes...


I believe this is the cappuccino mousse cake which was a tad bit dry but quite good. I may be wrong as I can't recall if we ordered tiramisu or the mousse cake.. Hmmm...


The green tea cake was quite good. It came with the red bean paste or azuki bean paste which is slightly sweet to complement the slight bitterness of the green tea flavour.

Before our desserts, we had a small lunch, where I ordered the Black Pepper Chicken Chop which was pretty good. The portion is a bit small for guys but for gals, it is just nice. ;-)


I had some potato craving... (aii.. carbs.. my nemesis) and so, had to order the side-order of potato salad.


I didn't quite like it as it had too much mayonnaise and not enough chives. The various garden greens is a great complement as it took up most of the mayonnaise. EV liked it though.

All of these photos were taken with my 50mm lens. This means that in order to take these photos, I had to maneuver the items as well as my position in order to take the photo. This certainly is teaching me how best to compose my photos.

Anyway, practice makes perfect... My previous post was done with my 50mm lens as well... ;-)

I would recommend those who are starting out with photography to have in your "arsenal" a good prime lens, and the 50mm is a good buy.

I'm still targeting either the 60mm or 100mm macro lens but both lens require significant amount of investment...


  1. Yupe! I believe a lot of us had a great getaway huh! :)

    Wow...your cappuccino mousse cake really makes me so hungry right now! :(

  2. Lovely food photography! I love the colors, the sharpness and of course, the food haha. The prime lens are amazing (:

    Well done, good luck with the rest of your photography journey!

  3. Nice pictures!

    I've bought the 50mm as well. Totally love it. :)

  4. Hi Tekkaus, Jessica, Zakir, Che-Cheh,

    Tekkaus - Glad to hear that you had a great break too. Hehe...

    Jessica - Thanks!! I'm really enjoying the journey... The destination is just a bonus.

    Zakir - Thanks!

    Che-Cheh - Yep, it is a worthwhile investment!

  5. Nice photos of the food! The green tea cake looks yummy! Looking forward to your photos of Bkt Tinggi! : )

  6. Lovin' the pics, as always. But the food, oh my, the food! Absolutely scrumptious-looking.

  7. u make me drool lah in the weekend morning...aiseh...


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