September 05, 2009

Introducing Charlotte & Olivia

Finally... Both of them are here!

My sis safely delivered both Charlotte and Olivia just past 10:30am with both twins a minute apart. She underwent a C-section as her pelvis was too small to deliver both babies.

In my last post, I mentioned that they were identical but turns out that I had the wrong info from my Dad.

They both have their own amniotic sacs, hence making them both fraternal twins. However, time will tell if both of them would look similar or not.

Well.. Here they are...

Charlotte Wong - COW I

Olivia Wong - COW II

They are barely one day old and their father has already given them nicknames...

Anyway, Charlotte looks more like her father, while Olivia looks more like her mom. Seems only fair... Kekeke... I just hope that the kids won't be as bratty as her Mom... Kekeke

Congrats Melina and Dallas!!!!


  1. Their father gave them the nick name Cow I and Cow II? LOL

    From this picture they look quite alike.

  2. Welcome Charlotte & Olivia! Both of them are so cute. ;)

  3. Hi Cheh-Cheh, Tekkaus

    Che-Cheh - Yeah! Their father has a sense of humour. Charlotte is a bit thinner, Olivia is quite chubby...

    Tekkaus - Hey there!!

  4. They do look like identical twins! But maybe they will look different when they grow a bit older : )

    Btw, why are they called cow I and cow II?


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