September 04, 2009

Update: Countdown to The Arrival of the COWs

Latest Update...

Thank God that both the twins were delivered safely this morning.

Seems that Olivia is bigger than her sister, Charlotte by 0.4kg... I'm not sure about the weight of both girls.

Yes, the twins are identical. I wonder which one will be right-handed, and the other left-handed... As the mirroring of the dexterity happens in identical twins...

Both twins and mother are doing fine.


  1. Congrates! Wow! Awesome. :D Happy Birthday to both of them Olivia & Charlotte! :)

  2. Congrats Angie, on being an auntie. From their cute little faces, they are already displaying very strong features, esply Charlotte. If i go by their day of birth 4th Sept, they are both born on the Yang Water day. Yang Water people are a force to contend with. They are determined go-getters with high initiatives. Haha, remember that well when it is your turn to baby-sit them.


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