September 16, 2009

12 Days Old...

The twins have been home for the past 10 days.

They both seem to have settled into the regular routine of eat, sleep, poo, pee, and eat again.

Yep, both parents are having some sleepness nights. ;-)


Anyway, they are not too difficult to care for at this stage as they are not very mobile but just very delicate. So, we have to be a bit more careful when we pick them up as their necks are still a wee bit fragile.

My sister is breastfeeding them and I learned that they will poo more when they take breast milk. However, mother's milk is still the best!

Snoopy and Rusty have gotten used to them, however Rusty is more excited than usual because he thinks both of the small humans can play with him now. I think he will be their best friend in the next few years when they are old enough to run and play with him. Snoopy, on the other hand, is more docile and very protective. She sits near by to watch over them like a security guard.


Charlotte is still feeding on demand as she is the smaller of the two. She, being the big sister is often more calm and collected. She seems pensive but quite cheerful and has the sweetest smiles.


Olivia is just precious. She loves to sleep alot and is somewhat of a joker... We noticed that she makes a lot of "cat-mewing" type noises when she sleeps. Kind of reminds me of my Mom when she sleeps because my Mom tends to "talk" in her sleep. No doubt, Olivia might be the more talkative of the two...

Both are a joy to photograph with my 50mm lens. I'm glad I bought it, though I was targeting the 60mm Macro lens in the 1st place.

No flash photography yet as both are still delicate. Later on, I'll experiment with my flash as I might setup a mini studio to take photos of them when they are older.


  1. sweet! Good morning Charlotte and Olivia! :)

  2. cute ler...very cute dylan got choices to kao lui now...kekeke

  3. Wow.... so so so beautiful babies... Twins ar.. hehee.. very good...

  4. oh yeah...poo too much will be pain for them we tend to mix with formula they wont feel pain at their pet pet....

    no doubt breat milk is the best...

  5. Hi all,

    Tekkaus - :-)

    Che-Cheh - They are always so angelic when they are sleeping...

    vialentino - LOL!! We also give both breast and formula milk as the twins want more... :P They only get breast milk during the day. At night, it's formula...

    keeyit - They are cute but when both cries and you're alone... how-le? :P


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