September 06, 2009

The Last Day @ Meng Kee, Jalan Tengkat Tongshin

Talk about "The Last Supper"...

Just last week, I went with a group of friends to have brunch at one of KL's old eateries.. Meng Kee @ Jalan Tengkat Tongshin.

This place has been an institution of food in the Bukit Bintang area for a great many years.


It just so happens that the day we all decided to meet up at Meng Kee was to be the last day the shop would be opened at its current location at Jalan Tengkat Tongshin. When the shop finishes its business at around 3pm, it would be closed for good.

However, it won't be closed for long as the stall would relocate to Jalan Alor, which is just behind its current location. The shop would reopen in about 1-2 weeks time.


We chatted with one of the aunties and she mentioned that the stall did not want to pay the exorbitant rentals which has kept increasing year upon year. It seems that the rental of the shop was RM20,000 per month!

Being in a nice location with some pretty interesting decorative architecture, this shoplot would soon be converted into something trendy like some of the restaurants down the road, i.e. Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Now, time for the food... :-)


Yes, we had to have some vegetables... Although it was supposed to be a day of celebration for some of us carnivores but the balanced omnivores wanted some greens/fibre...


The steamed chicken was yummy. I think it was kampung chicken or free-range, as the fat was quite yellow and the meat especially sweet. The farm-reared chicken tends to taste a bit bland, which means that when steamed, the meat is not as sweet.


Meng Kee has some really delicious char siew or honey BBQ pork which just melts in your mouth. The pork is BBQ to perfection where the dark bits are sticky and sweet, without leaving the meat hard and dry. In short, each mouthful tastes succulent and moist!

As usual, there are no photos of my friends pigging out as they are shy to be in front of the camera.

I think I will pay Meng Kee a visit at their new location (near Nova Hotel at Jalan Alor) when they reopen in about a week's time.


  1. No wonder their price can be a little steep, esply if you order a big plate to share. With rental of RM20,000, it would be crazy to continue operating a chicken rice business :(

  2. War...RM20k? For real? My...will the stall have profit at all? But...the foods look pretty ordinary to me. =/

  3. Tat's 1 side of the story. Their char siew costs RM10~20 for a plate (not inclusive of rice, drinks and chicken) for 2 diners.

  4. Couldn't agree more than you guys. But RM20k rental is impossible. Is ridiculously high.

  5. Hi all,

    YozoraNiteSky - Yep... Their chicken/char siew rice is definitely more expensive than other places...

    Tekkaus - Yep, they sure can survive... and thrive.. The crowds are massive during lunch time.

    TH Lim - Bingo!! I was in a larger group and so, we shared out the cost which wasn't too bad. But it is still pricey..

    Keeven - Not sure if the taukeh was pulling my leg but possible that the landlord wanted to ask for RM20k rental for the entire building, hence the reason they are moving away...

  6. delicious char siew ler...aiyoh, why ur friends so camera shy one ler....yeah, not suprise that their rental is rm 20k a month

  7. Maybe because the owner saw that their business is very good... so charge the rental 'kau-kau' :P

  8. Char Siew looks good...

  9. RM20K a month is really expensive, but I think their business is pretty good right? Still make money but of course makes more if rental is cheaper.

  10. If I'm not mistaken, they have a branch in Glenmarie. Quite unhygienic but the bbq pork is really good^^


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