October 06, 2009

Trip to Bukit Tinggi Part Un (One)

During the recent Raya break, I took an overnight trip up to Bukit Tinggi for a short R&R. Well... It turned out to be less R(rest) and more A(activity).

We decided not to drive up as I wasn't familiar with the roads and also, thinking that there would be a traffic jam due to the public and school holidays. Boy, was I glad about that decision. Sure, it was costly to pay RM40 for the 2-way trip (up and down) but it really did save me from the stress and anxiety of finding parking and etc because the "hill" was packed to capacity!!


Colmar Tropicale was a lot smaller than I anticipated but that's because the entire place is just a hotel/resort for the guests to stay before they venture out to indulge in other activities.

This isn't a photographer's heaven but it certainly is a great place to practice my art. I've not done a lot of architecture photography and so, this was a chance for me to try it out.


Both sides of the court yard were lined with small stalls as well as hotel restaurants - Italian (pasta/pizza), a rotisserie, buffet restaurant, French fine dining and Thai/Vietnamese. Limited choice with limited seating. The crowds were so packed on the first day we arrived that we had to wait 30 minutes for a seat at a restaurant and another 30 minutes for lunch/dinner.


I took the view of the entire court yard from the observation tower, which lucky for me, had a lift!! Hehehe... After all, I was lugging my heavy equipment around and so, the lift was a relief!


Some shots taken here are great candidates for my fake miniatures and I can't wait to play around with that. Kekeke...

Food-wise, we were quite limited to the 5 restaurants around the resort, unless we were game enough to venture out to the Japanese garden, where they have a restaurant but the prices were just crazy... So, for lunch, we decided to have the Italian food as reviews said that the food was pretty good.


Portions were quite reasonable for the price we paid. Taste-wise, it was pretty good.


This "blob" is actually beef lasagna. Plenty of cheese and meat although there were not many layers but pretty tasty with just the right amount of tomato.

After lunch, we hung around the court yard for a little while as there was a looooong queue for the rest rooms. Our room was not ready yet and so, we just had to wait until housekeeping could get it ready.

Meanwhile, we planned to head to the Japanese garden and so, there was another loooong wait for the shuttle to arrive to take us there.

Well, good to stop here. I will continue with Part Deux (two) of this little trip... ;-)


  1. I've never been to Bukit Tingg. Haha
    Is this the only stretch of shops?

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  3. Awww....Bukit Tinggi. I have read so much about it but yet I haven't been able to visit it. :p

  4. So many people at Bukit Tinggi? Were you charged RM16 per person at the entrance? I was last time, and I wondered if they still charge.

    I don't mind going there again as long as they don't charge RM16!

  5. wah...envy lah....see ur bkt tinggi pics, make me wanna go there soon

  6. Hi all,

    Che-Cheh - Yes.. Those are the only few shops around...

    IMCurtain - Thanks! Will do so!

    Tekkaus - It's good for a day trip but I would suggest not going there during peak season.

    foongpc - The RM16 charge is still there for those who drive up. When you take the shuttle, it is incurred in the cost of the ticket.

    vialentino - My pics are not so great-la. It is quite a nice place to go but it isn't as cool as Genting. ;-)

  7. Oh, so they still charge! I don't quite agree with such an expensive entrance ticket! I will think twice before going there again.


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