May 19, 2010

Cat City... Meow! Meow!

I finally got around to editing some of my holiday photos.

Somehow, I have this nagging feeling that I should have taken more photos than necessary. *sigh*... I'd guess I'm still quite "frugal" when it comes to my photography. Nevertheless, it was a good experience to learn what it is like to lug all my gear around.


This is actually my 3rd visit to Kuching, Sarawak. My first visit was back in 1998, when we all were about done with our studies. We had decided to visit after hearing so much about the place. My second visit was to attend a good friend's wedding back in 2000.

So, it has been a good decade since I went back. The city has changed quite a bit but it has not lost its laid-back style, which I enjoyed.


I touched down in the afternoon and so, the first thing I had was a lovely bowl of "kolo mee". It was absolutely lovely... I was not put off by the "red oil" which was added to the noodles. EV's parents showed me that to enjoy the noodles thoroughly, you have to add a bit of vinegar to it. Yum...


Once we got settled in, EV drove me around town and we walked around the Esplanade to take some photos. There were not a lot of tourists that day and so, I felt really out of place with my big gun.


The court house is the oldest building around the Esplanade, built in 1874. It now serves as a tourist centre where you can find information and tours around Sarawak.

There were boat rides and sunset tours near the Esplanade, as well as the old sampans which people used to take to cross the river.


However, these sampans will soon die out as more people take the car or bus to cross the river via a bridge. Nevertheless, it is an experience to take one of these sampans for a relaxing "cruise" along the Esplanade.

Weather-wise, Kuching was pretty hot. But, I was glad that the weather had been dry during my stay so that I could take lots of photos of the city.

Despite Kuching's laid-back pace, we had to escape to the seaside for some much needed R&R. More pictures coming up then...


  1. It looks like an enjoyable trip for you. :D

  2. That plate of kolo mee... so inviting! Haha

    I've yet to visit Kuching.

  3. Anonymous1:35 pm

    I dread lugging heavy equipment when travelling. I try to keep it light.

  4. wah...everyone went there sure makan kolo mee....ish ish...havent try it yet....damn it...


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