May 25, 2010

R&R @ Damai Puri Resort

Damai Puri resort is a beach side resort just about 45-minutes drive out of Kuching.


It is a bit isolated but the beach is just amazing! I've been here previously but didn't manage to take photos of the beach then.


The beach is immaculate! The sand is soft and pleasant to walk barefoot on. The beach was pretty empty during this time of year and I enjoyed the quiet side of it.


I had forgotten to bring my swimwear and so, just decided to hang out around the resort until sunset came around.


It's so quiet and serene, I'd wish I could stay here longer. Anyway, will share some of my sunset photos in my next post! ;-)


  1. Anonymous8:37 am

    I love beaches with fine sand where you can walk without the fear of treading on garbage, glass and whatnot. It's also nice to just back and listen to the sound of waves. Calming....

  2. You make me wanna have a break myself. :D

  3. The beach is practically empty. So nice!


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