May 28, 2010

Kuching Hawker Food

I certainly enjoyed the hawker food in Kuching.

In fact, my most favourite food is Kuching Laksa. Kuching Laksa is very different from the curry laksa served in KL. The main difference is that it has prawns and egg slices served with it.


The bee hoon noodles are also a bit thicker than your regular bee hoon. Absolutely delicious...

The next dish that I had to try was Kueh Chap.


Kueh Chap is actually a soup-based dish where you have rice noodle slices soaked with pork and taufu pieces. The soup is a soy-based and has a hint of pepper in it. At first, I thought it was a bak kut teh soup but it wasn't. The dish goes very well with some chili sauce.

Another dish EV said that it would be weird for us but quite yummy is Tomato Bee Hoon.


The tomato-based sauce is sweet and sour at the same time. I did not try the best stall in Kuching as according to EV, there are not a lot of stalls making this dish now.

I also tried another variety of kolo mee at Kenyalang Park.


Usually, kolo mee does not have any prawns but the version I tried at Kenyalang Park had prawns and some fishballs.

As for drinks, I tried the Teh "C" Special which is milk tea with some pandan juice.


EV also introduced me to a variety of "Lin Chee Kang"...


I already miss the food at Kuching... I wonder if I should plan for a trip again next year?


  1. What is keuh chap? :p I wanna try.

  2. Kueh chap is a Teo-Chew dish which is pork with noodle slices. The kueh teow is cut in large pieces.

    The soup is soy-sauce with some pepper. The pork is actually braised earlier but cut separately before serving.

  3. Wah interesting food they have in Kuching.

    The first pict, that's Kuching Laksa ya? Why the laksa soup so little? Memang like that or you drank some already?

  4. Hi Che-Cheh,

    For Kuching Laksa, the noodles don't really swim in a lot of soup as the soup has a lot of spice in it.

    If you've eaten Kuching or Sarawak Laksa with a lot of soup, the soup tends to be watered down and is not very good. That means, those Kuching/Sarawak Laksa is not authentic...


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