June 01, 2010

Ninjas Sell Burgers?

I'm finally getting around to this post about one of my favourite burgers...


Even Gundam loves these burgers...

I had decided to drop by Ninja Joe for lunch while I was around Tropicana City one day. I had been curious about the place as it sold pork burgers. I remembered having a version of pork burger from McDonald's in Bangkok.


I decided to try a few flavours - Teriyaki, Original, Sweet and Sour....


The packaging is cute!


The burger looked adorable but tasted absolutely awesome! The meat in between two soft buns was juicy and just oozed flavour. Just writing about it now is making me slightly hungry.


Ninja Joe also serves a mean set of crinkle cut fries. The fries were quite popular and so, we had to wait for it. That means the fries are crispy and hot when served. I'm a big fan of the thick cut fries instead of the skinny shoestring fries you get at other places.

Ninja Joe is pretty popular during lunch and the weekends. Be prepared to queue for the burgers. The burgers are slightly small and you can't help to have at least 2 or 3 of it...


  1. Wow so cute! I like the burger packaging.

    They really sell pork burger? Then I need to visit Tropicana City soon. As a matter of fact I've not visited Tropicana City yet.

  2. Have not tried Ninja Joe before! Oh, so it's non halal? I thought all fast food restaurants are halal in Malaysia?

    I have eaten McD's pork burger in China and it was good!! OK, will give this a try! Btw, how's the price like since you said the burgers are small?

  3. the first picture is nicely captured, like it so much XD

  4. Have never heard of Ninja Joe until hearing about it from my nephews who had lunch there. I must try this burger one day.

  5. Ninja joe? There is such a fast food restaurant? :p Malacca takde.


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