June 16, 2010

Bak Chang.... Yum!!

Happy Bak Chang festival!


Kekekeke... Actually, it's the Dragon Boat festival but most of us remember only the yummy rice dumplings during this time of year.

A few weeks back, my mom went over to my aunt's place to make these yummy rice dumplings. They decided to make the nyonya style which is a bit sweet and spicy. It does not contain the usual fatty pork belly or chestnut.

Anyway, for this morning's breakfast, I think I might just have a bak chang. Enjoy folks!


  1. It is dumpling time again. Yahoo! :D

  2. Happy Bak Chang day! Haha

    Love 'em.

  3. Anonymous8:25 am

    I love bak chang.

  4. Yo Tekkaus, Che-Cheh, Mei Teng,

    Hope u all had your fill of bak chang yesterday. Kekekek.. :P

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  6. darn...i whacked 5 chang few days ago in one day....feel so satisfied...hehehe


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