June 27, 2010

What a Lovely F/22 Day

It's a bright, sunny Sunday morning.

Makes you feel like sitting in some shade, having a great brunch.

However, I'm out of bacon and eggs & so, had to contend myself with a slice of waffle smothered with peanut butter and kaya.


Snoopy, on the other hand enjoyed her morning sunbath along with her brother Rusty.

It's a lovely day to shoot photos since the sky is so blue with barely a cloud in the sky.

Why is it F22? Its the magic f/stop to shooting under such direct sunlight. My other favourite settings is to set at ISO100 as well as resetting the exposure so that the colours don't wash out under the direct light.

I wanted to experiment with back-lighting under direct sunlight and the picture below is a result of my experiment. I've only tweaked the levels and curves in Photoshop to give it a bit of oomph.


So, pick up that camera and start sweating under the sun...

BTW, both shots were taken with my 50mm f/1.8 lens. If you check flickr, the settings are there. :)

Have a great Sunday folks!


  1. Oh yeah what a lovely Sunday ya?
    I was tempted to grab my camera but decided to just breath in the 'weather'. :)

    Btw love the plant shot. :)

  2. Snoppy is cute. LOL :D

    I love the second picture...we can snap such photo? Amazing!

  3. Thanks che-Cheh, Tekkaus..

    Che-Cheh - Yeah, the weather was just too hot to move, right?

    Tekkaus - You can snap such photos provided you use the right settings for your DSLR or point-n-shoot.

  4. The 2nd picture looks like fake one le.. haha


  5. hey angie...how r u doing?

  6. Hi keeyit, via,

    keeyit - That's the goal!! If I can take a photo of something natural to look "fake" like art, I've done it. :P

    vialentino - Yo! I'm ok... Just a bit busy lately.


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