September 14, 2010

The COWs 1st Birthday

Finally... Both little COWs have turned 1. They've moved up from babyhood to toddlerhood and the "fun" is just beginning...


My sister and bro-in-law held their party at Marmalade Cafe, Plaza Mont' Kiara. I've been to the branch of Marmalade Cafe at Bangsar Village II quite a number of times and like the healthy food there. The cupcakes are good and the Oreo cheesecake is just spectacular.


The decor at Marmalade Cafe is right for a kid's party. It is colourful and has a special area for kids and parents to play, which is very kid-friendly. *thumbs up*

So, what was served at the party?

Both kids and adults had a separate menu. The party was held during tea-time and so, it was pretty much light finger food, which included some cupcakes, sandwiches, pasta and pies.

Mini cup-cakes - the carrot cup-cake is absolutely delicious!

Open-faced sandwiches for the adults


Mini chicken pies

The kids had the tomato-based chicken spaghetti, some chocolate & vanilla cupcakes as well as some sandwiches which I found to be too adorable to eat!

Animal-shaped toasted egg sandwiches

At the party, we met with the owner of Marmalade Cafe who happens to be a family friend of ours! She was the wife of my father's ex-colleague during my father's days at Cadbury and we were surprised that she came up to speak to us. She opened Marmalade Cafe with her daughter, who happened to enjoy cooking and baking. Now, that is inspiring... turning your hobby/passion into a viable business venture. Hmmmm...

The twins' birthday cakes were specially ordered by their father. The twins had been in love with Pooh ever since the day they were born. Well, we had a hand in that. My sister and I have been fans of Pooh for a very long time and so, the house is just filled with stuffed Pooh, Tigger and Piglet toys.

Charlotte's cake

Olivia's cake

The twins were very excited when they saw their cakes. Both the cakes were flavoured differently. One was chocolate, while the other was vanilla carrot. We did feed them a little of the cakes since it was their birthday.


They both had plenty of birthday pressies. I couldn't resist getting them some stuffed animals - a lion and tiger. It is some sort of a tradition in my family, started by my grandmother on my father's side. I had a stuffed lion and leopard toy from her when I was very young and still have it, some 30 years later. I thought that the twins should have a stuffed companion of their own too.


They both love their animals and when they see it at night, they both know it's about time to sleep.

Anyway, this is just the 1st of many milestones. I can't imagine seeing them when they hit their big 1-0 and then, onwards to 2-1 when they are full adults.

Time files...


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