September 16, 2010

Pastry Indulgence @ The Bread Shop, Bukit Damansara

Happy Malaysia Day!! Hope that everyone is enjoying their day off.

I believe that spending a great lunch at a cafe is a great way to enjoy the day...


Hot beverage to start off the day... I thoroughly enjoyed the hot beverage at The Bread Shop...

A friend recommended this place near her house some time back. Both EV and I have been hunting around Bukit Damansara ever since we heard about the wonderful breads and pastries there.

So, a few months back, EV and I - while being lost around Bukit Damansara, just gave up and got the address from my friend. The Bread Shop is located at Jalan Setiakasih 5 and is actually quite easy to find!

Anyway, it was worth the hunt. The place is so cosy nestled between the neighbourhood which makes it a great hang-out spot.


Since we were hungry, we decided to order some sandwiches. EV ordered the tomato and chicken toasted sandwich, while I went for the beef pastrami.


We went for hot beverages to go with the sandwiches since it had been a pretty cold day. I just love the art on the hot beverages...


The latte and hot chocolate was just heavenly...

Since both of us were on a pastry craving, we had some nice desserts. Our favourite is the croissant butter pudding which was awesome!!


This is a little twist from the usual bread & butter pudding where you get that crunchy croissant with yummy custard.

Hhhmmmmmm.... Looks like I need to visit this cafe soon again!

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