October 30, 2010

Jumping Jack!!

I was studying up on action photography and was introduced to the different shooting modes of my camera.

Then, one morning, Rusty provided the best opportunity for me to try this out. Turning on the AI SERVO mode, I pointed at him and just shot...


The little fella sure can jump high...

He kept going on like this for a good 30 minutes before tiring out. Not sure what was over the fence that got him so riled up.


  1. Thank goodness the fence was tall enough. LOL :D

  2. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Your dog can really jump! :)

  3. Tekkaus - Yep. Thank goodness it's tall enough. Some pet book said that JRTs should be fenced in with a fence that is at least 6" high and 2" deep because they can jump and dig their way out..

    Mei Teng - Haha.. Yep. That's why they are called "Jumping" Russell Terriers.. KEKEKE


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