November 01, 2010

Light Dinner @ Italiannies, Empire Subang

It's funny but true, you CAN have light dinners at Italiannies.

It was just one of those days... hot and sticky - making our appetites quite light. All I wanted to do was just to take ice cold drinks.


As for food - we went for the set which offered 1 appetizer and 1 main.

We went for caprese pizza which is just pizza with onions, cherry tomatoes and garlic. Olive oil is drizzled over with sprinkles of basil as well.


For the main, we went for a fish + pasta mix. The dory fish was lightly pan fried in white sauce with capers. The angel hair pasta was quite salty but the pickled vegetables was sweet and so, went well with everything.


This 2 course meal cost only RM27.90... which is really worth it! More details of the 2-course meal can be found here...

Mmmmm.... Pasta...


  1. Pizza with just onions? Can eat meh? :p

  2. Can... It has olive oil, onions, garlic & cherry tomatoes. Taste pretty good. I also like to have basil pesto and cheese on my pizza too.

  3. If you order their spaghetti dishes, it's meant for 2 persons. But it's not stated in the menu, heck, even the waiter doesn't say it's for 2. When my order came, it was a mountain of spaghetti. It took me 45 minutes to finish 3/4!

    When I was done, I said to the waiter, "Wow, your portions are big." The reply was:

    "Sir, it's meant for two persons, sir."

    KNS betul!

  4. Ahh haven't been to Italiannies for the longest time coz their food is 'heavy'. Haha

  5. Hi Chris, Che-Cheh,

    Chris - Hahaha! I've learnt that mistake a loooong time ago too. I remember struggling through some fettuccine dish & then I remarked to the waiter "the portions are huge", which he replied "it's meant for sharing..."

    Che-Cheh - True!! But so delicious!!


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