November 12, 2010

Universal Fun @ Lion City - Day 1.5

After dumping our bags at the hotel, we decided to grab a quick bite before deciding our next destination.


We dropped by the Balestier Road Market which is just down the road from our hotel to grab a quick bite. I decided to order chicken rice and kway chap. I had kway chap when I was in Kuching previously and liked it.

The difference between Kuching and S'pore is that they separate the meats from the kway chap pieces. Taste a bit different as the meat has a bit more sweetness due to the type of soya sauce used.

I had to admit that I have not seen the Merlion despite being down to S'pore numerous times... So, off we went to visit the Merlion via MRT, stopping off at Raffles Place.


It was a pretty hazy day - due to the Gunung Merapi eruptions in Yogjakarta. Haze is a nightmare because the light is blocked out and the skies has a tinge of blue across the landscape.


The park is a bit busy that afternoon due to some event at the museum nearby. But the scene was just fantastic for a photoshoot. Plenty of photographers with their "models" (girlfriends) in tow who wanted to be the supermodel against the lovely landscape as their backdrop.


A mixture between the old and new, I found the sign near the foot bridge just fascinating. Nearby, there were a few statues depicting the merchant scene from the previous centuries.


The statues of the Malay and Chinese merchants depicted a time when business around the river was conducted by people of all races.


I enjoyed taking photos of the bridge and Fullerton hotel, but our objective was to see the Merlion...

So, now I'm obliged to put in a picture of the Merlion.


As you can see in the distance is the new Marina Sands hotel/casino which looks like a Noah's Ark of sorts. I wonder if S'pore is preparing for 2012? Kekeke

There were plenty of tourists and they were all posing to "fake" a drink from the Merlion's mouth. It was quite funny and I did try it out too but was not too successful.


  1. First time looking at Marina Sands hotel. Is that like a 'LRT thingy' on top?

    I like the 4th photo (bridge). :)

  2. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Would like to visit S'pore but it's just too expensive with everything double here.

  3. I like the Merlion!! : )

  4. Hi Che-Cheh, Mei Teng, foongpc,

    Che-Cheh - Yea, Marina sands looks like that "LRT" thingy. LOL!

    Mei Teng - Even though the exchange rate is high, but food/transport is relatively cheap. Still can get food for $2! Just that accommodation can be a killer..

    foongpc - LOL and it still looks so good after all these years, right?


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