November 18, 2010

Universal Fun @ Lion City - Day 3

Finally.. I'm able to blog about my day at Universal Studio, Singapore.


It was a really really fun day.

We took a monorail ride from Vivo City to Sentosa Island for $3. We arrived at Vivo City via cab but one can take the MRT to Harbourfront Station which is within Vivo City.

Universal Studios Singapore is divided into several "zones":
  • Hollywood/NYC
  • Madagascar
  • Ancient Egypt
  • The Lost World
  • Far Far Away
  • Sci-Fi City
Each zone had a distinctive fixture and rides. The only zone which didn't have a ride was the Hollywood/NYC zone which had more decoration and performances.

The weather was cloudy and a little hazy due to the recent volcanic rumblings of Gunung Merapi in Indonesia. So, no clear blue skies were captured and everything in the photos were cast against a "white" background.


We started out early as the crowds started arriving at 10am. The first place we went through was the Madagascar zone. The rides here were catered for the kids. So, after taking a few pics, we moved on towards the next zone - Far Far Away.


Far Far Away had a few attractions, including the Dragon Ride which is like a mini roller coaster for kids. We didn't get a chance to sit on that but we did go for the 4D show. It was a good one as you got to feel some effects while watching a short Shrek clip.


At the Egyptian zone, you're whisked away to another time & place. This is where the Mummy franchise sits with the big attraction being the Mummy's Revenge - an indoor roller coaster. My friend went in and enjoyed the ride though it was short. I was outside taking lots of photos...


I took this picture in RAW and converted it. I certainly like to shoot in RAW as there is so much detail captured. I'll definitely shoot more in RAW since I've got a new SD card.


Our main target was to head to the Jurassic Park Rapids as we heard that we could get wet as it was a water ride. The queue was long. We didn't go for this ride until the end... We did enjoy the canopy ride. I don't like heights but I enjoyed the short ride.


Unfortunately, the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster ride was still closed and so, the Sci-Fi section was rather quiet. I suspect that they might actually introduce more attractions later.


The ride sure looks intense..... Which would you take? Red or Blue?


The Hollywood/NYC section is mainly 1 large soundstage with iconic buildings, signages and props taken right out of NYC. Some restaurants, shops as well as performance of the sound stage is here. Worthwhile to go in while waiting for performances to begin.


While waiting for the performance, I took some pics of the NYC area.


The parking meter is just so iconic. The entire soundstage reminds me of the set right out of Friends.

As for food - there are a variety of restaurants ranging from fast food to Asian/Western cuisine. We both opted for fast food as we were liked the decor of the 50's Mel's Drive-In : a big prop from the movie "American Grafitti".


We managed to capture some performances throughout the day - one was a singing/dancing number by the Kowabunga Kove and another by street hip-hop performers called Rockafellas. Both were great!


I enjoyed the street hip-hop performance as the guys did some old school breakdancing as well as some nice new moves too.

Universal Studios closes at 7pm. According to a friend, there was supposed to be some fireworks display. We stuck around until past 7pm but there was no fireworks...


So, even though some of the rides were closed and some were just a bit too short - it was an enjoyable experience. We were both quite tired and broke (after all that shopping) at the end of the day.

It is certainly a precursor to our impending trip to the US Disneyland theme park, which I'm not sure when. :P


  1. Ahh now I get it. The yellow cab. Haha

    Btw I love the NYC's parking meter.

    Do you think it's worth it to visit Universal Studio now or wait a little longer?

  2. Hi Che-Cheh,

    Hehehee... It's kind of cool and I love the way the colour stands out. ;-)


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