November 11, 2010

Universal Fun @ Lion City - Day 1

I'm still editing my numerous photos.

Some of you have inquired about the size of the room I was staying while in S'pore. Anyway, I'm uploading a few pics here for you to have a look. It is quite hard to estimate the size in images but I will describe it in words. :P

This is the actual size of the room, taken from the entrance. As you can see, the bed is almost close to the window. They have raised the cabinet and drawers to be above the bed - utilizing the space above. No space for fridge as the hotel doesn't expect you to bring food into the room.

The cabinet is small with only 4 hangers and a small safe.

The good thing about the room is the air-conditioning which can be controlled individually. However, the air-cond was blowing at one side of the bed - making the person who slept there, feeling rather cold.

The bathroom is SMALL! The shower is next to the sink which is placed at a corner. It is over the toilet and so, can be quite uncomfortable for a large/tall person.

As you can see, the entrance to the bathroom is tiny!! The glass door is frosted at certain parts but you can still make out the outline of the person who's showering - no privacy. LOL!!

Otherwise, the hotel was quite comfortable and clean. If you plan to have a longer stay, it is better to hit one of the many hotels further down the road.

Oh yea, where was I staying? Aqueen hotel at Balestier Road.


  1. Woo it's really small. The bathroom remind me of First World Genting.

    btw the hotel link has an extra 'c'.

  2. Hi Che-cheh!

    Didn't know that the First World was that small. Anyway, have fixed the link. :)

  3. Ooh! Really small bathroom!

  4. Hi foongpc,

    Yeah and we checked against the other rooms - ours is the "biggest".


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