November 14, 2010

Universal Fun @ Lion City - Day 2

After a restless night, we had a relaxing late morning breakfast at the nearby Tuck Shoppe, which is just down the road from our hotel.


The cafe had the usual food - toast, soft-boiled eggs, curry/chicken rice and even wantan mee.

I ordered the typical breakfast, soft-boiled eggs with kaya on toast.


The breakfast wasn't expensive at under $5 for a set of 2 slices of kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs.


After breakfast, we went back to the hotel to plan our next day as well as catch up on the Sunday news. We had plans to meet up with our old Uni mates who moved down to S'pore after working for a while in both Sydney and Penang.

We spent some time with our friend and their son, catching up on some news and etc.

We later went on down to Orchard to do our shopping...


Once we arrived at ION, I started looking out for this "collagen burger" but couldn't find it. :-(

It was a day we spent on shopping and I ended up buying some photography books from Kinokuniya.


While walking around the Food Hall @ ION Orchard, I spotted a unique stall selling Peking Duck by the Modern Peking Duck franchise. A pack such as this costs $6. The duck is succulent with yummy crispy skin!

I also bought some snacks from the Dong Dae Mun Korean Street Snacks stall but forgot to take a picture of the crispy chicken and bulgogi beef and chicken sticks.

Orchard is still the main shopping hub of the city. Thank goodness I was here for a short trip or else I might just go bankrupt shopping here!


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