November 07, 2010

Room with a view... of sorts

A short post as I'm blogging from my mobile..

My hotel room is small but comfy. It's one of the new budget hotels around SG. I often wonder if the hotels in Japan are smaller?

Anyway, its good training for me should I plan a trip to Japan next year...

Photo-shooting has its ups and downs due to the cloudy & hazy weather. I often wished I bought some filters but hopefully can be fixed in post-production.

Lots of photographers around...


  1. I think the hotels in Hong Kong is smaller. :p

  2. Oh yea.. i remember the HK hotels. Quite small unless u go for the 5-star hotel where the deluxe room is as small as our KL standard room size.

  3. Take minimum in travel and fix everything in post production... my strategy. Haha

    Show more of the room.

  4. Hi Che-cheh,

    I prefer to do less pp work these days. However, seems that getting ND or CPL is worth it if u do landscape work a lot.

  5. I'm going Hong Kong next year and I dread the small size hotels there! : (

  6. Hi foongpc,

    It's ok - you'll be spending most of the time outdoors anyway. The hotel room is just for sleeping/bathing..


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