April 04, 2011

I Missed an Entire Month!!


Yes.. I didn't blog for an entire month.

A whole stash of photos from February to March are still waiting for me to process...

I was a little lazy but also was caught up with some stuff at work which for some reason now, doesn't really need my attention anymore. So, will have to realign my priorities. One of it is to get back to taking care of me and spending more time with my camera. ;-)

Another is to think about getting all my certifications done.

Anyway, will share more in the coming posts. One of it was the major disappointment I encountered on last Friday which had me going for some minor retail therapy over the weekend...


  1. Hey welcome back! You've been away for far too long. :P

  2. Well...if you are busy...you'd better be busy doing something more important right? :p

  3. wow.. really long time din see your post...
    working is never ending.. yeah, we need to priorities our task and get on our personal life too. Waiting to see your nice photos ya...



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