April 23, 2011


I'm feeling a wee bit disappointed today.


I had expected to enjoy a pretty nice afternoon at 1Utama but things didn't turn out as I had planned...

First of all, I thought of having a pretty nice lunch since it felt like a nice day. However, the choice of lunch I had for this afternoon was not what I had expected.


I ended up going to Nyonya Colors @ 1Utama for a late lunch. I had no idea what to order and saw a picture of the Thai Curry Laksa which looked appealing and so, ordered that. It was an interesting taste and pretty spicy with a hint of sweetness.

However, the spices and chillis were not to my liking and I had difficulty enjoying it. I should have ordered the standard curry laksa instead....

For RM8.90, it is a wee bit pricey but there's a whole drumstick with part of the thigh included in the noodles. Note that you don't get potatoes with the noodles but radish. Odd but suits the curry.

Later, I had to soothe the heat by taking a bit of ice-cream. I was certainly not very satisfied with my lunch choice.


For dinner, I had to satisfy my curiosity with the Carl's Jr Chillis Cheese Fries. Boy, I was disappointed.

I took a burger but the meat patty was dry and pretty tasteless. Had to smother the burger with tomato in order to have some taste.

The cheese fries was salty, although the flavour was "authentic" with the meat (beef) based sauce which had some curry and tomato taste. However, it was too salty and so, had to counter it with a lot of tomato and chilli sauce. Not good.

I had previously raved about Carl's Jr, talking about how good the burgers were. But now, 3 yrs later, I'm sorely disappointed.

The price of the burger is about the same price as what you can get at Chilli's or Tony Roma's but the quality has not been maintained.

It might be some time before I will try Carl's Jr again.

Hopefully tomorrow would be less of a disappointment... culinary-wise. ;-)


  1. Well....at least you get to eat right? :p

  2. hey i thought u r watching ur diet :)


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