April 06, 2011

Weekend Brunch @ The Bee, Jaya One

I've yet to blog about what has been going on lately, which I will work on next...

I had missed this year's Putrajaya Balloon Festival due to an upset stomach. So, after a few hours of sleep, I got up feeling pretty hungry.

EV suggested that we have brunch at this place she read about...

It had my favourite snack - churros, which I discovered at a theme park many many years back.

Off we went to The Bee. Apparently they serve brunch for the weekends and they do have a pretty good choice of menu items from eggs, sausages to pancakes and wraps.

I opted for The Big Breakfast which came with either a coffee or tea.


The scrambled eggs had the right degree of runniness, which went well with the toast and hash. I added the extra chicken sausage which was delicious!

EV went for a wrap since she already had breakfast earlier. The Huevos Rancheros Wrap was a nice combo of spicy (with the chillis) and beans.


With all that food, it was amazing that we had some space left for a small piece of dessert.

Having spied that churros was on the menu, we went for it! The churros came with a side of chocolate which went very well. I dream of the day I can try churros with hot thick chocolate in Brazil.


Besides scrumptious brunch, The Bee seems to have a great set of burgers - which I will try in the future...

The food at The Bee certainly has some home cook feel to it - especially with the home made sausages which is worth the extra $$$$.

Oh yea, another great part of The Bee. You can add RM10 for a glass of orange juice and bottomless cups of coffee and tea with your brunch item. With the free WiFi and lovely atmosphere, this is a great place to hang out over the weekend.


  1. The big breakfast is so 'fung fu'. Yummeh

  2. This big breakfast certainly looks better than those of MacD. :D

  3. Wow!! I want the Big Breakfast!! : )

  4. Hi all,

    Che-Cheh - Yep.. nice to treat ourselves once in a while.

    Tekkaus - Definitely... it's a bit more expensive but you get quality stuff. Worth every sen..

    Foongpc - Go for it this weekend!


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