May 23, 2006

"nobody" Is Somebody Too!!

A couple of weeks back, I was thinking about "nobody" and the effect this system account had on an application.

Never did I realise how important this account is. :)

We made some permission changes to some files and after a quick refresh of the app server, we found that the applications were no longer accessible. **shock**

Well, the app server was running happily, but little did we know that our little permission changes affected "nobody"...

After digging around and finding out that our file permission changes affected "nobody"'s ability to access some files during a process, we had to restore some of the changes and all is right again. **phew!**

Well, lesson learned. One must not mess around with "nobody" or a process owned by "nobody" until you fully understand what "nobody" does. But then again, why would you want to use "nobody" if it may pose a security risk?

Probably some good sysadmin guy can answer this question for me one day. 9^_^)

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