May 27, 2006

Would You Be Missed?

It has been said that large corporations is a maze of levels of bureaucracy, thus one can get lost in between the levels quite easily. I've never realized how true this can be. (^_^)

I've read some articles on how certain CEOs have tried to change corporate culture from being a cold, economic engine turns the wheels of finance, to becoming a very friendly atmosphere where people can interact, work and play everyday, improving their own lives, and thus, the bottom-line of the company.

A couple of days back, I had a colleague who was leaving the company. He had tendered his resignation some time back and was working hard until his very last day before saying goodbye to his team mates and anyone else he knew. My cubicle was across his but we barely spoke. I just get to see the back of his head whenever he's around. (-_-)''

Anyway, I hardly knew the guy but felt that I should have gone over countless times to have a chat but he seemed so busy. He was either always on the phone or busy typing out documents and writing codes everyday. A real hardworking employee.

Well, today, I came to work, noticed that his stuff on the table was gone, but his cubicle tag was still there. I'd guess the folks at helpdesk hadn't assigned anyone to the desk yet. I went on with my work, but as a test, I decided to IM a few folks and asked if they had noticed anything new. (^_^)

Me: hi!
Colleague: hi!
Me: did u know that xxx's last day was yest?
Colleague: no-wor! he resigned???
Me: yea.. looks like everyone was too busy to notice that he had left the co for good.

A lot of the dept members "knew" this guy by name but never really got to know the guy. So, it got me thinking, me, being in a large corporation, if I ever were to leave or drop off the face of the earth, would anyone miss me?

Perhaps I need to be a bit more specific. I'm a noisy person. So, I'd guess the people sitting around my cubicle may notice but how about the rest of the dept on the same floor? Probably not... -__-|||

It's a sad fact, in a corporation of thousands of employee, when a few employees leave, people may not notice, but the effect of you leaving on your fellow team mates or people close to you may be great... esp when they have to take over the stuff you left behind. (^_^)


  1. no no no.. don't go don't go.. i definately will miss you one. Don't "jeng gai gai" go ah, i will go to "korek" you out!!! don't go ah, will miss you one ~~ :'( sob sob..

  2. Haha..

    It's ok. I was talking about another ex-colleague of ours ma...


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