October 08, 2006

Happy Mooncake Festival!

What's the in the box??

Another food-related post... This comes a bit belated but just wanted to wish you guys "Happy Mooncake Festival"!!!

Alot of legends and stories came about why this festival is celebrated by the Chinese but the best I like was the one related to how the Chinese rebels slipped messages to one another using cakes to inform each other of the plans to overthrow the Mongolians who ruled China at the time.

Anyway, there were lots of stories surrounding the Moon and the Mooncake festival, but all I know is that every 八月十五, we would celebrate the 八月中秋 (mid-autumn festival) by having a nice meal at home. This means usually steamed white chicken. My mom remarked that during those old days, having chicken at every dinner was a luxury and so, these special occasions would give them a chance to have chicken. My late grandma would celebrate every special occasion in that manner.

This year, I've decided to get a number of mooncakes for my family to eat. Perhaps I've gone overboard a little but then, I wanted to try the various kinds out there. These days, there are many types of mooncakes to eat, including the teochew style of having yam instead of lotus as the filling in the mooncake.

Anyway, here are a couple of photos of the mooncake in all its plastic-wrapped glory. (^-^)

The mooncakes are hygenically wrapped in plastic...

The following picture is a close-up of the "Shanghai" (上海) mooncake I got for myself to eat since no one likes the pastry kind... Kekekeke...

上海月饼... (Shanghai mooncake)

Happy Mooncake Festival!!!! (^.^)


  1. Angie, why don buy Haagen Dazs mooncake? I heard that is nice. Haha.. But quite expensive wo.. T^T

  2. (T_T).... wahhh bohhh lui-la...

    I tried the Haagen Daz mooncake before. Quite nice. Kekeke.. :P


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