October 17, 2006

Salute the Boys In Blue!!

Today is one of those days which I can play Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" because it certainly feels like it. I just got a "fantastic" piece of news concerning work... *update on that later*

Anyway, I couldn't sleep too well as I was preparing a lot of stuff in order to head over to the UK visa office this morning after getting the rest of the stuff from the Office Manager. So, I reluctantly went to bed at 3am after watching a bit of Paradise Kiss with my PS2 (which I will miss dearly... |T_T|)

I managed to wake up early today and decided to go off early to work so that I can make copies of the documents that I have to file. I was happily on my way, driving slower than usual because I remembered that the speed limit has gone down by 10kmph effective in the next few days. Besides, I like a slow drive once in a while. ;)

Anyway, around near the Pekeliling flats I noticed that my steering was veering off towards the left. I knew something was wrong. So, I turned on my hazard lights (THIS IS THE TIME TO USE IT!! NOT WHEN IT'S HEAVY DOWNPOUR) and made my way towards the left side of the road. I stopped near the Titiwangsa monorail station. So, I called my colleague to let him know that I had some car trouble and won't be in. I called my dad to let him know as well.

After about 15mins, the traffic police from DBKL came to ask me to move my car as it was at a dangerous spot. The officer asked "Boleh gerak-ke?", I answered yes. So, we moved our car and another officer came. He checked my car and found that my tyre had punctured.

Officer: Ini tayar puncture-la (This is a tyre puncture)
Me: Ya-ke? Ada mekanik sini boleh tolong-ke? (Yes? Is there a mechanic nearby?)

Officer: Saya boleh tolong tukar. Ambik itu "jack". (I can help change the tyre. Can you pass me the "jack"?)
Me: Ok...

Three officers came to help. One helped to jack up the car using the "jack" while the other was removing the bolts. After about 20 minutes, the guys got it done. They even told me that someone tried to steal the tyres from my car as one of the bolts wasn't right.

I wanted to thank each of them properly, but they had another breakdown to attend to. Another kancil stopped their car somewhere near I did. Turns out to be some engine trouble.

As I went off, I waved to them and wished them a "Selamat Hari Raya". All of them were very fortunate to be able to "balik kampung" (go back home) for the Raya hols. One of them told me that the army and some police who had their leaves frozen.

As much as what alot of my friends tell me about how often they met with some corrupt officers, there are a few good guys out there. Most of the time, its people who have broken the law, tried to bribe these guys to get off scott-free. And when these people take the bribe (because they are getting so little pay... seriously), we chastise them for being corrupt. There are a whole more corrupt people out there who actually cause some harm to the public. These are the crooks we should go after.

I wished I got the names of the three officers who helped me out that day. Perhaps when I've got a bit of time, I'll e-mail The Star and let them know that there are good officers out there.

Anyway, thanks Mr Police Officers!! You really help me get back safely home to fix my car!

BTW, just to remind you guys... If you're driving home, make sure your car is safe to drive. Don't speed too as the cops will be out to get you. It doesn't matter if you reach your destination late. It matters more that you have reached your destination safely.

Price of new tyres: RM700
Price of toll: RM4.60
Price of 3 police officers helping you change your tyres: P R I C E L E S S

Happy Safe Hols guys... ^^

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  1. Anonymous8:27 pm


    It's difficult to meet such nice people.



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