October 12, 2006

Virtual Office?

I'm not referring to where we can setup a virtual office in cyberspace ala Matrix styley, but more about the latest trend in office productivity - software hosted on the web where users can login and create documents online.

Anyway, a couple of sites caught my eye after I saw a piece of news on eWeek, regarding latest news on what Google was offering --> GoogleDocs. This is kind of cool! If you have the time, do check it out.

What is the pro/cons of having such a service? Well, for one, you can create/view documents on your web browser without installing any office productivity software. Pretty neat idea for a mobile roadwarrior who is lugging a large notebook around. All you need now is an Internet connection which is reliable and fast enough. (^-^)

HOWEVER... I do have some issues in regards to document security as these documents would be stored at some server somewhere. So, security and privacy would be the main issue of why this idea may not be adopted so soon.

It was interesting to note that Google announced this so soon, ahead of Microsoft, the forerunner of office productivity software, which nearly 90% of the world's office workers use (both legal and illegal.. *hee*) . Anyway, don't be surprised that after Office 2007 is released or prior to that, Microsoft would have a version for customers (who have bought Office 2007) to use online, via Microsoft Office Live (still in beta).

Anyway, besides GoogleDocs, do check out Zoho as well as these guys have also launched their services in beta mode this week as well (news from Techcrunch). This is certainly taking collaboration to another level..... Wonder what is next, developing code online?? (^___^)

Note that if you have signed up for Google Spreadsheets before, you can access this with no issue.

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