April 22, 2009


First of all, I would like to thank my many friends for sticking by me, keeping me in their thoughts and prayers throughout the ordeal I was facing at work.

Truly, your support and encouragement brought a lot of comfort and blessings to my troubled heart.

During the run-up towards Easter, my colleague and I undergone a most harrowing time with our employer who not only was unhappy but very hostile towards us as we had both resigned at the same time. We had no choice, facing a 40% pay cut (we were forced to work 3 days a week), we had to go out and look for other jobs which were able to at least to provide not only work but to compensate us appropriately.

Anyway, our employer was very very unhappy and took things personally. He threatened and bullied us, using harsh language on us. We just kept quiet. We didn't want to argue with him as he's the kind of person who will not listen to anyone. So, rather than wrestle with a pig, we kept our cool.

So, my friends and colleagues hearing about what happened were curious naturally but also offered support and comfort during this time.

I met up with some good friends who had lunch and dinner with me during those 2 days last week to comfort and cheer me up. It was great. I left for home after that gathering feeling happier and comforted knowing that they were supporting me. God really does send His angels down.


I treasured the hours spent with these friends, especially meeting up with a friend who took the trouble to meet us despite her tight schedule during her trip home to KL from Melbourne. She had supper with us at Delicious and we had a roaring good time.



A departure from the norm, KS decided to go a bit unhealthy and ordered FRIED food with yummy cream accompanying it. She being a doctor would know what fried food can do to the brain - releasing calming endorphins to make us feel good?

The next day, I met up with some friends from work - SC and AS who wanted to know what was happening and etc. One has left the company while the other has been working away from the office and so, were curious about our situation. I wasn't in the mood to talk much actually but let out pieces of information. We ended up having delicious Korean/Japanese food for lunch.


We had a great time just talking nonsense and some serious stuff too. It was a great Saturday afternoon to spend with friends.

Anyway, thanks to the following folks - my team members (you know who you are - Linda, JY, AW, Boo, Alvin, Kenneth, Huat Heng, MY)... CY, Sharon, Chris, SH, HS, Shoba, AS, Phoebe, Patrick... To Shannon, Peggy, Joanne, Ah Guan for your contacts and support when I needed it... To the back office, you guys were great... I may have forgotten who to thank but the message is the same: THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS, ENCOURAGEMENT AND SUPPORT!


  1. Now I know what you meant by waiting for a new beginning (previous post). I sensed something was wrong.

    Here's to a new beginning... *cling clack wine glasses*

    All the best dear. Hope you find your new dream.

  2. Hahha, cheers! :D ok, now, where are the letters ?!

  3. Awww, this is just too nice of you. :)

    We got your back, me sis and I. Good luck in your future endeavours.

  4. Nice food pics. The lighting still can be improved =) Let me know too if my pics are not up to your standard.

  5. Hi Che-Cheh, Alvin, Chris, Crazy...

    Thanks for your support.

    Che-Cheh - Thanks for understanding. I can't reveal too much as it's not professional but all I can say is.. My boss can be a nasty fellow to deal with.

    Alvin - The letters? coming coming... That's what I heard. *rolls eyes*

    Chris - Awww *hugs*. I got yours...

    Crazywrazy - Hey! Thanks for your comments. I didn't want to use the flash and I didn't have my prime lens which has a bigger aperture which is great for low-level lighting. It's either flash, or slow shutter speed. ;-)


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