April 08, 2009

International Pillow Fight Day 2009

My weekends are for family, relaxation and photography.

It was just my luck that my friend and I stumbled upon a flash mob at Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara. I had been there for a lunch and movie session (I watched Know1ng), hanging out at the magazine shop; when my friend heard a commotion outside.

We had noticed an area at the basement of the mall had been cordoned off and there was an event to be held - International Pillow Fight Day, sponsored by Corntoz.

Me: See, lucky I brought my camera, right?
EV: Yala! Yala! Yala!! (Translated: Yes, you found a use for your camera)

The grand master officiating the fight - spelling out the rules.

I'm not particularly good at photographing events but decided to give it a try. With my teeny in-built flash, I proceeded to take a few interesting shots...

Group A... I presume

... vs Group B


The "event" was participated by mainly students and curious on-lookers quickly took out their digital cameras, and mobile phones to capture the action.

Some folks actually brought their "bantal busuk" (old "security blanket" pillows) while others actually SPENT money buying a new pillow - apparently some bought from the nearby Living Cabin store. (@.@)

The carnage - in all wars, there will be destruction

All in good fun... It was a great way to de-stress. However, for me, de-stress means paintball. LOL!! Anyway, more pictures at my flickr.

Actually, the real purpose of spending the day at Cineleisure was also to have THIS.....




  1. Wah wah interesting. Like the 'Fight shot'

  2. I never had a pillow fight before.
    Pillows sponsored by Ikea ? lol

  3. pillow fight...i should join ler....din know got this kind of event organized in malaysia one

  4. Hi Che-Cheh, MalaysianLife, Vialentino...

    Che-Cheh - Yeah, looks like a lot of fun!!

    The Malaysian Life - Hahaha.. Corntoz sponsored... IKEA probably had some good sales of pillows that day too. HAHA

    Via - I didn't know either! Nice to join to release tension. ;-)


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