April 16, 2009


A very short post.

I've been recovering from diarrhoea/stomach flu ever since Easter Sunday.

Not quite sure what I ate or drank... Perhaps it was the drinking water as it started to rain heavily over the weekend.

Thank goodness for charcoal pills and salt/sugar mix. It helps a lot!

Anyway, do take hot soupy stuff when you're out... (^_^)

~Psssttt... One thing good about diarrhoea - you get to lose weight!!! But it isn't that pleasant....~


  1. OMG.. take care ya...

    Drink 100 Plus can help too.

  2. Get well soon. Yes the best part is lose weight part. Hehe

  3. aiyo yo!! take care ar!! =) get well soon!! and God bless

  4. Hi yoong, Che-cheh, drewnity...

    Thanks for your wishes.. Feeling much much better now.

    yoong - Yeah, took some 100+ as I can't stand the salt/sugar mix. The salt/sugar mix from the doctor is more effective.

    Che-Cheh - But the funny part is, after you lose weight and appetite, the appetite comes back with a vengeance!

    drewnity - Thanks man. Feel much better. :P

  5. Ouh...are you alright? Have enough rest! Don't forget to drink more water. 100 plus will help too. Het well soon ya. :D

  6. Hope u got much much much better now ;)


  7. Hi Tekkaus, BlurryLeos,

    Tekkaus - Thanks!! I feel much better now. 100+ does help.

    Blurry - Thanks. I've recovered.

  8. aiyoh...u got diarrhoea....glad that u r recovering...

  9. Hi via,

    Yes, it seems that I've recovered. Anyway, have to watch what I'm eating as I seem to be having a lot of stomach-related problems lately.


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