November 09, 2009

Korean Food @ Kimchi Restaurant, Tropicana City

A few weeks ago, EV had the craving for Korean food. She was shopping at Tropicana City and I dropped by to accompany her for lunch.

I did not have any lunch but decided to take photos of the food she had. I did share a side dish and it was pretty good. :P


For Korean food, side dishes often accompany a main dish and this restaurant had provided a variety of type of dishes which has a taste ranging from sweet to sour to spicy. Aside from the traditional Korean spicy kim chi (top right), the side dishes we got was (from top right to left): sweet omelet slices, cold spinach, (from bottom right to left): sweet and sour tofu pieces, cold bean sprouts and sweet sliced fish cakes.

I'm not sure if the side dishes are refillable but we both could not finish all the side dishes.


I already had my dim sum lunch and so, just ordered a simple Mango smoothie (without milk). It was a bit too sweet for my taste but very refreshing. However, Tropicana City air-conditioning was running at optimum level and so, I was shivering when we left the restaurant.


EV ordered some grilled chicken. It had a hint of kim chi which made it a bit spicy but it was quite good. It certainly will be a good appetite inducer and will warm the tummy for a cold day... at Tropicana City.


EV also ordered some potato pancakes. These pan cakes were just lightly pan fried. There isn't much taste except for potatoes and so, can be eaten as replacement for rice... If you're bored with it. After eating this, I believe my potato-loving friend might enjoy this dish a lot.

As for price, I can't really recall how much everything came up to as EV paid for it. I do recall that the grilled chicken was around RM18+

There are other more interesting places at Tropicana City which both EV and I are curious about. I know with my strict diet I can't eat them all but at least photograph the yummy food...


  1. I think not many people at the Tropicana Mall that's why it's colder there! Haha

    Oh! Could not finish the side dishes? Should have invited me over! haha!

  2. nice ler the korea food....i dunno tropicana city mall got korean restaurant ler...

    wah...daniel came and visit u...u must be touch ler. i met him today for a coffee drink...kekeke.

  3. Hi foong, via,

    foongpc - You a big fan of kim chi?? Haha.. Then, should ask you to come and eat. Yeah, Tropicana City is still quite empty as there are not many retail shops opened yet.

    vialentino - Tropicana City has Korean and even a Taiwanese street food place, which I'm curious about too. Yeah, I was touched when Daniel came to visit. We go for lunch sometimes.

  4. are making me hungry already angie. :p I love kimchi!

    potato pancakes? never seen that before.

  5. Hi Tekkaus,

    I like the Korean side dishes and am learning to like kim chi for its spiciness.

    I didn't know about the potato dish too but it's a pretty good replacement for rice, if you don't feel like having rice. :P

  6. I've not been to Tropicana City yet. Haha

    That's a big plate of potato pancakes.

  7. Hi Che-Cheh,

    Aiyah.. You should have gone when the mall had free parking then. Now, they charge RM2 per entry for the weekends. :-(

    Yeah, we couldn't finish the plate and had to tapao...


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