November 24, 2009

Will Be Quiet For a Wee Bit...

Hi all!

My little blog will be quiet for a while until I sort out some issues with my laptop's HDD (hard disk drive). It's currently making some funky "knocking" noises after a certain amount of time and so, am doing the necessary backup just in case something happens. Aside from that, I'll be upgrading the HDD from 120GB to 500GB... since I may need to replace the HDD.

So, while that takes place, I'll be looking at upgrading my laptop's RAM as well from 1GB to 2GB. It isn't much but that's all my little Dell Inspiron 6000 can take.

The estimated amount of $$ I may need to fork out is RM400 for the parts. Labour cost is RM0 as I'll be doing the upgrade myself.

I am tempted to upgrade to Windows 7 but I don't want to fork out the additional $$ for the software.. I've been playing around with the idea of a mini portable (Mac, Windows, Linux???)

Anyway, I'm wondering if I can wait until PC Fair hits KL in order to get the hardware... Hmmm...


  1. eh, mac need to hack la, if u wanna install on intel atom, or make a hackintosh.


    500gb? mmm i don dare to change my mac's hdd =_=

  2. War...upgrading to 500GB? Awesome. I am thinking about getting an extra hard drive too. :p

  3. 500GB is great. Not sure Win 7 can put up to 2GB memory.

    I'm waiting for the pc fair. Gonna grab a laptop there maybe.

  4. Hi all,

    Alvin - Hahaha... Thanks for the tip. If I do get a Mac, don't think I'll hack it. I suddenly thought about it as a means to do my photo editing.. :P But I'm a PC(win/lin) kind of person-le...

    Tekkaus - Hahaha.. I actually plan to get 1TB this round but looks like I will settle for 500GB only.

    Che-Cheh - Hmmm... You're right. According to microsoft, 2GB RAM is enough. I've got a Video RAM of 128MB (I think) but even then, I don't think my processor can handle the graphics. If I do think of Win7, I might consider a new laptop.

  5. windows 7...must go for it...i saw it today...damn kao powerful and chun!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Windows + Un*x = OS X

    Spend a little more $$ and get a mac desktop. saves space and osx rocks. And it can run win7 too

  8. once master my dslr settings...will post in my blog...

  9. Hi via, TH,

    vialentino - Hehehe.. I like Win 7 & will think about it...

    TH Lim - Yeah man! After I hear you rave about your Macbook Pro, I'm so tempted-la.


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