November 13, 2009

Life Is Precious

I don't think most of us know how precious life is until something happens to us.


Anyway, as a quick update as I'm sure lots of folks are concerned about how I'm doing lately.

When I left the hospital I had lost 4kg. The nurses were quite shocked when I kept losing weight when they weigh me in the mornings when I was at the hospital. This is all water weight as I was taking some medication to get rid of water.

I had been given some medical leave by the cardiologist and I badly needed it. My BP (blood pressure) had dropped to almost normal and because of that new BP, I was feeling dizzy whenever I stood up. In fact, there were times when I experienced black outs and nearly fainted. So, I had to rest more in order to get used to that new range of BP.

For the last couple of weeks I've been closely monitored by my doctors and from the last visit, one of them decided to increase some medication, while the other has planned another echo-cardiogram scan next month.

The good news is that I'm allowed (and encouraged) by the cardiologist to start exercising, i.e. to concentrate on cardio more. I could do some resistance training to strengthen my muscles but not heavy lifting. So, until the doctor gives the OK, can I start to do vigorous exercising again. So, I'm limited to walking for cardio but not running on the elliptical trainer, which was what I like to do.

Besides that, no heavy lifting means that I can't really go running around with my laptop strapped to my back; which is what a lot of folks at the office see me do as I move around floors and between the two client sites.

I'm grateful for this new lease of life. To a lot of folks who knew me, I've already started my journey towards good health last year when I joined the gym and got educated on how to exercise and eat right.

All I can say is that, the cause of a lot of health problems was stress. I was stressed out. When I got stressed, I didn't sleep well, eat well or even found time to rest. When stress levels are high, we are drawn to unhealthy habits which would eventually lead us down a dangerous path.

So, from this scare, I'm grateful that God has led me down that path; and with His help and love, I can only get better in time.


  1. Indeed life is precious. Glad to know you're getting better and better. :)

    I'm trying to live healthy too. But sometimes can't really keep up with what I have promised myself. So many temptation. Haha

    I watched Oprah yesterday. It's about Dr Oz: Extreme Life Extension. It features how 60+ and 80+ years old men has the body of a 30+. Had not have flu for 20 years. Can you believe that? I was in awe by that show. I want to be like them. Haha

  2. Hi Che-Cheh,

    I watched the same show too!!

    Yeah, it's hard to live healthy when there is so much temptation around.. especially in Malaysia where we have so much nice food!

    I'm amazed with the old man and we're trying to be healthy too by eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. I read somewhere once that if you eat naturally colourful foods, it's better. Anything which is white, i.e. processed, is not good.

    So hard to live healthy but health is wealth.

  3. I'm glad to know that you are better right now Angie. :) The most important thing right now is for you to change your lifestyle right?

    Have a great weekend Angie. :)

  4. yea, being in the rat race...working your ass off and then paying the bills... is a norm in our society. people always say no choice, they have to do it, they have to work and they have to neglect their family n personal life.

    but i always believe we do have a choice. and its best to make such a choice before its too late. for most people, they have to go thru something like what you've experienced to know that there IS a choice and life is not just all about work and money.

    Get well soon :)


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