April 17, 2006

Firefox Update....

I recently got a Firefox Update. So nice of them to inform me by a dialog box to ask me if I wanted to download or not.

Of course, I didn't hesitate. :-).. I did an update religiously, like a good Firefox user that I am --> Notice the "Get Firefox" logo I brandish at the side of the blog....

However, after I installed my latest and greatest Firefox, I noticed that my memory consumption shot up sky-high. After opening up about 5 tabs (1 of which was uploading some photos to Flickr), my memory consumption went up from about 50Mb to 100+Mb. (o_0)

My machine has about 1Gb RAM and I thought it should be sufficient enough to run Firefox opening up a measely 5 tabs. There was one day which I opened about 10 tabs and I didn't suffer any performance issue. I was working on some Java code on my Eclipse IDE and all was happy.

After chatting with a friend who funnily told me that he suffered no memory leak issues with Firefox, we both found out that his friend who has an EMT64 machine also suffered the same problem with Firefox!

After googling a bit, we found this site --> Firefox Tweaks, Extensions, and Optimizations. This site is my lifesaver!

I did the memory hack and immediately saw some difference. My memory consumption did not go up in the 10s of Mb like before but more like 100's of Kb, which is acceptable. Anyway, some posts did mention that the memory leak is not a leak at all, but more of a "feature" because Firefox caches the pages we visit, so that we can load it up faster.

The last memory leak I discovered was due to some extension AdBlock with Filterset.G Update which caused some memory leak, possibly due to the new features found in 1.5.x than from 1.0.x.

Anyway, please do check out that site I mentioned if you're suffering some issues with Firefox. (^-^)

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