April 11, 2006

My Mobile is Dying... (T_T)

Somehow, I think my mobile phone has contracted some form of "cancer" now... (T-T)

It seems to be able to show new symptoms every other week or so.

Just a couple of months back, the joystick decided to "lock" itself, restricting navigation to only left, right and up but not down. It was a little strange. Naturally, I thought that the software decided to "hang" and so, I did a quick turning on/off, hoping that the software handling the navigation would reset itself. However, that didn't quite help and so, I decided to leave the phone alone. I went away, whispering some prayers and was about to sacrifice my ancient Nokia 7100 to the Nokia gods, hoping for a "miracle cure", when suddenly, it went back to normal. (0-0)

Anyway, I didn't bother much with it until recently, whenever I tried to type a message using the keypad, it would either 1) freeze and not let you type anything or 2) some keys would just get stuck. I rely a lot on the T9 dictionary in the phone software and so, whenever I tried to spell "2nite", now, it would end up as "Bangte" because I "accidently" pressed the "abc" key twice. (>-<) So, I b*tched about the phone to my mates who kept telling me to send it in for servicing since we were at the mall. I can't bear to leave my phone with strangers and so, after mosing around the new Nokia shop, we walked away. I think I've accepted the fact that my phone has some "cancer" and it is just going through the final stages before it dies for good. I loved my little Nokia 6600 for 3years and it has gone through so much, from being used as a test phone for J2ME midlets, to being flooded by SMSes during application testing and also, storing vast amounts of images taken with its little camera. *Sigh*... I'm currently eyeing some nice PDA phones which may prove to be very useful because I want to surf the Net using Wi-Fi or EDGE while I'm on the go and also as a PIM to keep track of the countless meetings and appointments I get every other day. Anyway, all is not lost. I'm hoping to get my PDA phone or some other mobile phone soon and then, I'll probably fix up my little phone so that I can use it as a back-up should anything happen. I wonder.. After all these years of being a faithful Nokia user, should I go back to Sony Ericsson to get my new phone?

Decisions.. Decisions... Meanwhile, I shall prepare myself to grieve over my phone when it actually dies...

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