April 03, 2006

Playing with Picasa2

I'm not a good photographer.

I have a couple of cameras, one of it is a basic Olympus all-weather camera which doesn't seem to work properly now and another is my nearly brand new Nikon 5900 digital camera.

So, I just started fooling around with digital photography last year when I got my Nikon. The pictures I took were pretty ok but I quickly realized that the digital photos were a bit too "white" for my taste.

Anyway, lately, I was surfing and saw a post about Picasa2 from Google. It seems pretty good and so, I decided to download it.

Here is a picture of Snoopy, which I took yesterday using my digital camera. There is NO other manipulation other than my name placed at the bottom left corner of the photo.

Here is another photo of Snoopy, which has been modified. I've added a "Glow" and "Soft Focus" look to make Snoopy more angelic. Besides that, I've increased the colour saturation of the picture as well.

What a big difference Picasa has done to my mediocre picture. I really like this software. I've been trying for months to play around with other software like Gimp to do some of the image manipulation and it has been a long process.

Picasa is just great for us who don't really know how to use sophisticated tools such as Gimp. It took me less than 5 minutes to figure out what I wanted to do with it. The interface is fairly intuitive and easy to use.

I just love Picasa! Another great product from our friends at Google. Go buy their shares, or better still, work for them. LOL!!!

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