April 28, 2006

e-Filling... TAXES part II

Finally... **Phew**... I got my taxes for 2005 out of the way. (^_^)

Anyway, I went through the slight hassle of going to the nearest IRB office to get a pin for the e-HASiL application, which wasn't so bad as I just had to show my I/C to the officer to get the pin number.

I got very enthusiastic about the application and fired it out with my browser. After entering all the necessary details and clicking the "Hantar" (Send) button, I got an error message stating that it had failed to send the pin to download the certificate. (-_-)

Undaunted, I tried again. It failed...

I decided that it probably was because I was using the latest Firefox ( and probably the application was not compatible with it. So, I tried it out with IE and it worked!

Well, the site did say that supported browsers were IE 5.0 and above. So, I probably should not have assumed that Firefox was compatible.

I'd guess for an application to be truly portable, I'd suppose Firefox should have been supported. (^_^)

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