June 01, 2006

Buy Original - Rise of Legends

Oooo!!! Look what I got? Hehe...

Its the game which I've been waiting for nearly 6mths... Rise of Nations: Rise Of Legends... **slurp**

Anyway, I decided to go "Ori" (Original) and paid upfront full-price for the game. Its not bad. It came with a free mousepad worth RM60. I got it from Software Boutique @ Ikano Power Centre.

I haven't started playing the game yet and hence, I can't give a review here. I just wanted to emphasize that getting an original game isn't cheap in M'sia. o___0

So, you can imagine, how much more it'll cost just to get original software for your personal use? *sigh*...

Anyway, do keep an eye out for the review from my other blog @ MSNSpaces --> House Of Snoopy.

P/S: If you squint your eyes, you'll make out that the game costs RM139.. ^___^

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